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5 Best movies Near Me

5 Best movies Near Me

I want to take some time to talk about what I think are the 5 best movies near me. The movie theaters I normally go to are Regal, AMC, Imax, Harkins, Cinemark and Carmike. I always have a good time at these movie theaters, they have great prices with stunning screens and sound!

Testimonial: 5 best movies playing now

The 5 movies near me that I love at the moment are Jungle Book, Criminal, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Hardcore Henry, A Hologram for the King. All 5 of these movies are critically acclaimed, with massive promotional campaigns for them. After watching them, every one of them is great in a different way.

  • The animation and voice acting in Jungle Book is amazing, and is sure to get some gold come awards season!
  • Hardcore Henry is a great concept, done really well with great cinematography.
  • The Hunstmen: Winter’s War is a great fantasy/action romp and is a great way to spend a couple of hours living out a fantasy.
  • Finally, the acting in both Criminal and Hologram for a King is top-tier. Of course when it comes to Kevin Costner and Tom Hanks, you’re always sure to have a gripping time!

Showtimes, what movies are playing near me?Movie Drive in

Normally I like to go to Orlando or San Antonio for movies near me. A good way to find out the showtimes for the theaters there is to check out Fandango. That way you can get times right now, rather than calling or driving up to the theater and asking! If I’m in the mood for a movie, I’ll just check out the start times and go along!

Movies Drive in, try it!

Of course when I do watch movies near me, I always drive in to these theaters. That way I can sit in the comfort of my own car and relax, without having to worry about others making noise, using their phones and all the stuff that comes with sharing the space with others! Since I first went to a drive in Movie Theater, I’ve not been to a regular one since!

Nothing beats a good drive in with a good time buddy and snacks that you don’t have a pay out of the nose for!

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