If you are asking yourself: “Where is the closest Walmart near me?” You have chosen the right place. Firstly, you can find all Walmart stores on the map above. This map allow you to localize all Walmart around you. If you are looking for the nearest Walmart, just go under this text. All Walmart malls are listed from the closer to the farther of your position. So you can find all important information about stores around you:
  • Store hours.
  • Directions to follow.
  • Services provided.
  • Shopping malls hours.
  • Contact and phone number
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Why is there always an open now Walmart near me?

Founded on July 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart is now a huge network made by more than 11 620 stores around the world and hiring 1.4 million people in USA. That’s why you’ll find a Walmart in your neighborhood. The company is known to offer products with good value and sells absolutely everything. From electronics to pet supplies, passing by sport, shoes, jewelry or auto goods. Walmart hypermarkets are called “supercenter” because of their big size. In these supercenters with gas station, you’ll enjoy maximum services such as pharmacy, optometrist or nail salon.

Another way to find the nearest Walmart: the WALMART store locator.

If you search a special Walmart: Open 24 hours (24/7) or open Christmas, you can use the store finder. To use it, it’s so easy, you have three options:
  1. Enter your city (ex: Las Vegas, New York or Seattle)
  2. Enter your state (ex: California, Florida or Illinois)
  3. Enter your ZIP Code (ex: 30346, 33324, 60630, 77339, 98444, 33602 or 77064)
Choose one of these options according to the precision expected of your search. ZIP Code for high precision degree and state for less precision. Then, the official store locator will show your position and all Walmart stores around you. You just have to select one and see all info.

Walmart App on Google Play and Appstore.

From your mobile device, you can also download the Walmart App which offers many services to make your shopping easier. You’ll can make discount, localize a Walmart close to you, find a product into the store or create wish lists. A good way to “Save money. Live better”.

How to contact Walmart?