Do you get your prescription and are looking for a pharmacy? You are probably asking yourself: “Where are Walgreens near me?” There are a lot of drug store of this company in US. Two ways to find the closest Walgreens:
  1. Use the Google Map below to see all Walgreens pharmacy.
  2. Activate geolocation and click on “Search” to highlight walgreens location around you.
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How to find a Walgreens near me now?

If you don’t find a Walgreens close to you thanks to our locator tools, you can also try the official Walgreens store locator. To find it, type: “Walgreens near me” in your favorite search engine. You’ll see “Store Locator | Walgreens” in results. Choose this link and follow these guidelines:
  1. You’ll see the sentence: “Showing results for stores near”. Enter your Zip Code under this text (ex: 75228, 33186). You can also find your walgreens by typing your city and state (ex: Orlando, San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami) or your address.
  2. Use “Filter” to find stores with your expected services. You have the choice between: Open 24 Hours, Drive-Thru, Healthcare clinic, with photo lab.
  3. Choose one of the Walgreens close to you proposed by the store locator.
Thanks to this method, you can find additional info such as open hours, phone number or directions. Enjoy these info to ensure that the pharmacy is really near you and open.

More about Walgreens pharmacies

There are more than 8000 walgreens pharmacies in United States. That’s why you can say: “There is already a walgreens near me!” Founded in 1901 by Charles Rudolph Walgreen, the company is now the largest drug store chain in USA. Walgreens Boots Alliance is hiring 370 000 employees through the world.

Walgreens App: Health in your hand

The amazing Walgreens app is available for Android and iPhone. Thanks to this mobile app, you can find a walgreens store, print your photo, refill prescriptions, clip coupons or track the status of your order. Really easy to use, this app make your medication management easier. This clever app helps you to remember when it’s time to refill your prescription thanks to alerts. Don’t hesitate to download the Walgreens app to try it and enjoy benefits.

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