Do you want to rent a horror movie or a game and are asking yourself “Where are Redbox near me now?” Redbox offer many outdoor and indoor locations to rent last movies and video games. If you are looking for a Redbox with Xbox one games or with ps4 games, you’re on the right page!
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Redbox locations near me

To rent movies and games, Redbox is always near you. Are you in a CVS or a Walmart? There is probably a Redbox close to you. To find Redbox movies near me, just see our map below or use geolocation to see our selection of Redbox stores by clicking on “search”. Then, use our amazing tool to get address of your closest Redbox:
  1. First, set your radius to ensure that our selection is not so far away.
  2. Enjoy our selection, you’ll get address of each Redbox to pick up your movies.

Top 10: Best Movies to rent in a RedBox kiosk

When you choose a movie rental, you already ask yourself: “Ok, I’ve a Redbox near me, but what can I choose to watch?” That’s why we’ll offer you a selection of 10 movies that you have to watch in your life:
  1. Frozen
  2. Gone Girl
  3. Las Vegas
  4. The Martian
  5. Ant Man
  6. Walk in the woods
  7. American sniper
  8. Game of Thrones
  9. Bridge of spies
  10. Empire Strike Back
If you already watched all these movies, just an option, check the “coming soon” section on the RedBox website to see your next rental.

42 000 Kiosks to get RedBox movies near me

The Redbox automated kiosk was launch in 2002 by Gregg Kaplan. Today, the company placed 42 000 kiosks in 34 000 locations. You can find these automated retails in many street and shopping malls through US. Leader of this market, Redbox is now the best way to rent a DVD, a video game or a Blu-ray easily.

Get the RedBox near me App!

For Iphone or Android users, get the redbox app in order to find Redbox near me, but also much more. Thanks to your mobile, you can now see movie trailers, reserve your dvd, blu-ray or game, find all movies available and learn what’s coming soon! Furthermore, the app give you directions to the next Redbox!

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