Are you hungry and asking yourself “Where are McDonalds near me?” Don’t quiet, these fast food restaurants are everywhere and you’ll inevitably find one close to you. Many of them are open 24/7, with playground for your child. Use the map above to get direction to the closest McDonald’s. You can also activate geolocation and use our selection to find the restaurant! Our McDonalds listing give you following information:
  • Hours (to know if it is open now or not)
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Directions to plan your route
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There can’t be only one McDonalds near me.

Richard and Maurice McDonald created McDonald’s in 1940. Since this date, over 36 000 restaurants were built around the world. With more than 68 million of daily customers, the company is present everywhere. Currently, McDonalds is hiring about 420 000 people. To apply for a job in a McDonald’s, don’t hesitate to find the closest to your home!

Try the McDonalds Restaurant Locator.

McDonald’s offers a really useful tool to find their fast foods. Their store finder allows you to see all restaurants from the brand around you. To try it, enter “McDonalds restaurant locator” in your search engine and follow these steps:
  1. Enter your street, town or country (ex: 08015, 7th Ave McDowell, Melbourne city mall, Memorial city mall, Medford MA, Metro Center DC, Nashville TN, Wichita KS)
  2. Click on “Search Now”
  3. The Restaurant Locator select 25 fast foods around you and gives you more info about it such as the presence or not of: Play Place, Drive-Thru, Arch Card and Free Wifi.
  4. Select on the map the chosen fast food.
  5. You can click on Restaurant homepage and learn everything about it: Phone Number, opening time for Dining Room, Breakfast and Drive Thru (which is often open 24 Hours, all week long).
Many others features are available to leave a message to each restaurant, get directions to join it or apply for a job.

McDonalds appetizing app free to download

It’s time to eat? Thanks to the McDonalds App downloadable on Google Play and Appstore, you can also answer the question “Is there an open 24 7 McDonalds near me?” You will also discover all burgers, sandwiches and food prepared by the fast food. Moreover, thanks to the Punch Card, you’ll benefit special offers to save money and get free food!

How to contact McDonald’s?