Are you supporter of the « Do it Yourself (DIY)?” If it’s the case, you’ll probably ask yourself “Is there The Home Depot near me now?” That’s why allow you to answer this request thanks to this Home Depot inventory. The aim of this page is to help you to find quickly the closest home depot from your position now. See here 3 ways to get a Home Depot nearby you:
  1. Click on the following button “Click here to find Home Depot near me”
  2. Or see the Home Depot Map below
  3. You can also try to use the Home Depot store locator
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The Home Depot Near Me: Leader of Home Improvement and Construction Retail

Well known as the leader of Home Improvement retailers in front of Lowe’s, the company established more than 2 250 stores. That’s why you can say that there is a Home Depot near me. Initially called “The Home Depot”, you can also say just “Home Depot”. Currently, the company is hiring 370 000 employees. Home Depot was founded in 1978 and its slogan is “More Saving, More Doing”.

How to find Home Depot address and hours of operation near me?

To find the nearest Home Depot, you can type this request in your favorite search engine (ex: Google, Bing, Yahoo): Home Depot Near Me. The first result is the official store finder from the company. To find the closest from your position, you can:
  • Use geolocation (click on “USE CURRENT LOCATION”)
  • Search thanks to your Postal Code (ex: 77084, 75061, 76040, 75067)
  • Enter you city and state (ex: Plano, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Media PA, Houston)
  • Type your entire address or the store number.
After doing this, you’ll get best results and can see all information for each store. You’ll get phone number, address, hours of operation and services. As example, if you are looking for a Home Depot with tool rental center, you have to check in store features.

The Home Depot Application

If you prefer online shopping, you’ve to try The Home Depot mobile app. This application is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Thanks to this app, you’ll be able to shop online and pick up your goods in your store. You can also chat with construction expert to be advised on your home projects and see customer’s reviews to make your own opinion. In the shop, you can scan products to get more info about it. A great way to improve your home works.

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