Are you looking for pick up or drop off packages and asking yourself: Where are FedEx near me now? Thanks to our store locator, find all fedex locations near you in few seconds. Just check the map and get an overview of office around you. The nearest is listed below this paragraph. Do you need more info? Click on the store and get office details:

  • Open timings (24 Hours or not)
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Federal Express is FedEx, always close to you

Well known thanks to its package tracking, FedEx is an abbreviation of Federal Express. Founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, this courier delivery company is now hiring more than 300 000 employees. By introducing the DropBox through US, the company offers a really useful tool to send packages. Today, there are more than 40 000 dropboxs in USA, that's why you can say that there are still FedEx near me.

How to find FedEx near me?

To find a FedEx office, you can also use the store locator. To use the “Find FedEx locations near me tool”, just enter the city (ex: Philadelphia, Indianapolis) where you are and use filter according to your needs. You can select following services:
  1. Staffed location
  2. Copy and Print
  3. Drop Box
  4. Purchase packaging supplies
  5. Hold package at location for pickup
  6. Make a merchandise return
  7. Ship dangerous goods
Results will appear with purple bullet on the map. Choose the closest to you and click on it to see if it’s an Express pick up or a ground pick up. You will get the info close to hours (some of them are open Sunday). Orange square for express, green for ground.

FedEx Mobile App

The first feature of the FedEx app is for your shipment tracking. Thanks to your sending number, you’ll be able to check your package status. This app is also made to help you to find the nearest FedEx Office, Service Center, DropBox or Ship Center. Currently, FedEx Mobile is developed for:
  • IPhone
  • IPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
Ranked 4 stars with more than 9 000 downloads, the FedEx Mobile App is in competition with UPS and DHL delivery services.

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