Is it cold outside? Take time to warm up with a coffee cup. Useless to ask you: Where are coffee near me? Find here all best coffee shops around you. We select stores to reduce the walking distance. So you can check coffee hours to know if it’s open now or not, regardless if you are in Portland, Philadelphia, Orlando or somewhere else. Whenever you have had a busy day at work, or are meeting with someone and can't decide a venue, a nearby coffee shop is generally a good idea. The only problem is that you don't necessarily know where they are. That is exactly the problem that this page aims to solve; allowing anybody at any time to search for and find shops that serve coffee near me. When examining a particular shop, the user will be notified whether or not it's open, as well as whether or not it stays open late. Finally, the page will display which coffee outlets come with wifi access free of charge.

How to find a coffee near me?

The page works by allowing users to interact with the map featured, allowing them to see the ten closest places that offer coffee to the user's current location. As stated above, the page will also inform the user of opening hours, meaning they should always be able to find an outlet that's open.

How to find a coffee shop thanks to the map?

The map works with geolocation (GPS technology in smartphones), meaning all the user needs to do is input their location bar and the list of nearby coffee places will be displayed to them immediately. This can be done from the homepage itself using the featuring search bar. As example, if I needed to find a coffee place near Metro Center Dr when in Austin I would simply input this information into the search bar and be directed to the Starbucks at the end of the street.

Could you show me all local coffee places?

This will work for users in various locations looking for a variety of stores. If I am in Denver and I would like to visit a Dunkin Donuts that's open now, the page will display the closest one too me. This functionality is not restricted to large chains in large cities such as NYC or San Francisco either; small local chains in more rural locations will also be listed, allowing anyone to make use of the page effectively.

What apps can be used to find a coffee near me?

Several popular, high quality apps also exist to allow the user to locate a coffee near me, as example:
  • Yelp - A highly popular community-based review site which lists local businesses and stores public ratings and reviews of their services.
  • Coffee Buzz – An iPhone application based on sharing popular local coffee outlet with friends, this app will allow you to share your favorite stores with friends and vice versa.
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