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5 Good Places to Eat Near Me

5 Good Places to Eat Near Me

I want to talk about the 5 best places to eat near me. Normally I like to have meals from places that deliver. This means I’m able stay at home doing the things I love, like spending time with the family, or Netflix! Of course when I do order some food for delivery, I don’t always buy cheap, it’s value for money that matters most to me!

My favorite type of place for delivery: Chinese Restaurants

Nothing can beat a good Chinese meal when I’m sitting at home in my PJs and I’m too tired/comfy to go outside! The best part about Chinese food are that they’re

Chinese Food Near Me

See here 5 best Chinese Restaurants

normally open late. This means that I don’t have to worry if I get in from a late night at the theatre or movies and I’m hungry. I’ll just look for a good Chinese place to eat near me on Yelp or NearMeStore, make sure it’s open right now and order! Always Sweet and Sour Chicken and Singapore Fried Rice for me.

My favorite type of place to eat out: Breakfast Diners

When I get up in the morning after a long night (normally after hitting up a bar), the last thing on my mind is cooking, so normally I’ll search online for a Breakfast Diner that’s open now and go grab something. Very few things in life are better than fast food first thing in the morning! Sitting down to a freshly made stack of pancakes with bacon, lashings of maple syrup and some OJ is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Finally, this are my favorite places to eat near me!

My favorite places to eat near me (NYC) when I do go out for a meal are:

  1. Per Se
  2. Aureole
  3. Remedy Diner
  4. Clinton St. Baking Company
  5. Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown

I always love a fantastic meal cooked by someone else and not having to worry about cleaning up afterwards! Whenever I have a first date, it’s always for a meal to one of my favorite places, it’s much easier to get to know someone over a good meal and wine than during a movie, when you can’t even talk to each other!

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